Picture this, your bookkeeping taken care of, insightful management reporting to help you run your business effectively, your payroll sorted, your taxes filed and all this available 24/7 at the touch of your fingertips. Heaven? We’re sure there are many things above this in your list, but wouldn’t it take a lot of stress and hassle off your hands?

Outbased’s teams are dedicated to client service, and use cutting edge technology to help small businesses manage their finances.

When Simon set up a small retail business, he did all his own bookkeeping and duly handed the ‘books’ over to his high street accountant.  His accountant sent back a set of accounts, a tax calculation and his not insignificant bill.

“What’s this number?” asked a perplexed Simon.

“Apologies for the delay, but …..” came the reply several days too late to do anything about it.

After going through 3 firms of accountants, Simon found that this was a pretty typical accounting service.  However, Simon was able to do something about it, and Outbased was created.

Venturing out to start his own businesses after holding senior finance roles at world-class brands such as The Economist, Discovery Networks and Fila, Simon understood what financial information businesses need to make informed decisions.  The high street accountants couldn’t provide this information, and weren’t interested in doing so anyhow.

Being an accountant from business, Simon wanted to create a better service!  He saw an opportunity with technology at its core.  The automation of bookkeeping would allow efficient accounting workflows, and elegant software to communicate and collaborate would optimise a dedicated client service and support function.

Today, Outbased offer a true end-to-end business support team taking care of all your finance functions.  Whether you’re looking for your first accountant, or looking to change to an accountant that really understands what information you need to run your business, for start-ups to £5m turnover, Outbased will give you better information so you make better decisions.